Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Auroroa over Norway, Jan 2012
on http://apod.nasa.gov
Any of your boys working on the Astronomy merit badge? Tell him about NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day website. It's a collection of terrestrial- and satellite-based images, complete with professional astronomers' explanations of our universe. And the images make for some stunning eye candy (all images © their respective owners as cited on APOD).

Other useful sites include HubbleSite with a monthly "Tonight's Sky" feature, Stardate and the Planetary Photojournal, among others. (These are all safe sites, so you can recommend without reservation.) Next time you go camping, make sure you have Google Sky or Star Walk loaded on your (fully-charged) smart phone. Explore the universe, then contemplate your place in it, right from your campfire.

Additional #1: Here's the science behind this image.

Additional #2: "God has given us a world to live in that is full of beauties and wonders and He has given us not only eyes to see them but minds to understand them, if we only have the sense to look at them in that light." - BP

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