Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flexibility is the Key to ScoutPower

That's a corruption of a great Air Force saying, "flexibility is the key to air power."  At patrol meeting last night, I had some ideas that I passed along to the boys to see what they would choose.  This was all based on taking full advantage of limited patrol time.  Normally, I have each month planned with a specific "Birthday-to-First-Class-in-one-year" theme that I have the boys fill the details in for. This month was swimming, next is fitness, and so on.  I realized that by splitting swimming and fitness into both months, it freed up our Saturdays to do fun stuff instead of swimming and fitness tests, so I gave them the option (boys will choose hiking every time).  Now they just have to make the plan (not much of one, the trail is about 10 miles away and is only 3.5 miles round-trip). It's a low-cost, high-benefit way of giving them control. I figure that as "11-year-old Scouts" they need more structure and guidance, but at the same time a sense of ownership, in their program than older boys.

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