Wednesday, January 25, 2012


No one who commits their son to 12+ hours of football (or wrestling, or swimming, or music lessons...) a week should complain about 8 hours and one weekend of Scouting per month. First-year Scouts should not be given half the time to do all the work. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Long story, accompanied by lots of frustration at being cut off at the knees.

Good, Better, Best!!!


Brian Reyman said...

"Good, Better, Best!!!"

I hear that. Sports, music, etc. can be very good things and can help build quality young men. They aren't the best things, though, and it's a shame when they're used to supercede the best things.

Keep up the hard work and know that you aren't the only one facing similar struggles. It's a common theme for most of us (I face it all the time).

Fishgutts said...

Band is a bad word in my vocabulary. I wish more members understood "Good, Better, Best".

Eric the Half-bee said...

There's room for all of these activities, the word is moderation. I'm not going to tell anyone what's good, better or best, (the thinking has not "been done") but it bears mentioning that 'big Church' (via local units) shells out millions to only one organization for our youth to participate in its program. Maybe we should take full advantage of that investment.

Eric the Half-bee said...

On the other hand, I have one boy who is in theater, gymnastics, football, swimming, school clubs and competitions, and he still makes time for Scouting. He even went to Scouts with at his friend's patrol meeting the other night.

Scouts can accommodate (in fact, it encourages) other interests. It's the top-level "we can't do it the right way because it cuts into 'family time'" argument that bothers me so much.