Thursday, January 12, 2012

MBC Training

One of my WB tickets is to register/train those on my ward's merit badge counselor list.  After checking it against Council records, of about 35 counselors, fully 0 are registered (including me).  I sent a mass email to all of them to remind them that they're on the list, and for which badge(s), and included copies of the registration forms.  I also indicated that I'd be presenting training next month or in March.  I've since built a training presentation, based on a BSA document, the former Merit Badge Counselor Instructor's guide (replaced by MBC Orientation, #18-125). The presentation can be accessed by clicking the image below and from the Ward Scouter Training tab at the top of the page.


Fishgutts said...

OUTSTANDING presentation! I may have some people steal it and use it!

Eric the Half-bee said...

Please do! It's useless if it just sits on a server, and I have no pride in authorship.