Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nipping it in the Bud

Because it's bound to come up, the annual ward/stake father/son campout is NOT a Scout camp, even though Scouts are there. Not unless it's organized under the auspices of BSA rules and covered by BSA insurance, tour plan filed (as needed), and patrols selecting camp sites, meals, cooking their food, or otherwise engaged in Scout stuff.  The fact that a boy slept in a tent doesn't make it a Scouting event. This is one of the corners we shouldn't be cutting, tempting as it may be, and even though parents will demand that it be cut. Think of this as a preemptive strike: the First Class requirement is to attend three Troop/Patrol camps, not just go camping.

It can count towards completing the req if patrols set up their own campsites, plan, cook and clean up their own meals, plan their own camp activities, and BSA rules are followed (YPT, no adults in boys' tents, sweet 16...); in other words, if it is organized by the Scouts, for the Scouts, to accomplish Scouting - AS A SCOUT CAMP.

Added Feb 6 2012: The best explanation for why F/S is not a Scout camp is that camp is the lab where boys employ the skills of independence and leadership (yes, even 11YOS).  When's the last time that happened at a stake or ward F/S camp? "Fathers are invited and encouraged to participate [not required, that would be punitive to boys whose fathers can't or won't attend] in the overnight camping experiences with their sons..." I'd add that fathers' participation should consist of standing back to watch their sons work and perform. They've been practicing for this at all their patrol meetings, they can do it.

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