Friday, January 6, 2012

Starting over

One of the really nice things about the "11-year-old" patrol is that my calendar is already made up.  Since I'm trying to provide for the boys the opportunity they need to pass off all their First Class reqs, it actually makes planning relatively easy.  Each month, I have a theme based on a skill set, which is derived from the  T/2/1 requirements.  January is swimming, February is fitness, and so on.  I feel like the patrol is in a great position, too, because with two boys already at 1C, they are the instructors.  Teaching is really the best way of learning, in my opinion.  So, they'll be teaching our newest Coyote the swimming and lifesaving techniques (provided he's already a swimmer, anyway. If not, he's got time to learn).

I keep my annual plan on this spreadsheet, but I'm not locked into it - "flexibility is the key to air power" and Scouting leadership.  And, apart from a few fixed items, like going to the pool, and doing pull-ups, the boys are planning out their meetings, hikes, camps and other activities (at least the where and other details. After all, I have a schedule to maintain :p).


Kent said...

Eric, thanks for the great posts. on this one, your link does not go to your spreadsheet, but rather a training doc. I'd love to see your spreadsheet.


Eric the Half-bee said...

The link is fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.