Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Library

I'm an LDS Assistant Scoutmaster. Some of the official, and unofficial, publications and references in (or that should be in) my library are:
What essentials am I missing?

This is, of course, not an all-inclusive list, and I need to go shopping. What should be on your shelf?


Brian Reyman said...

Very solid list. As a Scoutmaster, I have many of the same on my shelf.

A few essentials to add:
- Aids to Scoutmastership by Robert Baden-Powell
- The Scoutmaster's Other Handbook by Mark Ray
- Additional hiking/backpacking/camping resources books. I LOVE the Moon camping series (I have Colorado Camping by Moon), along with other non-moon local campground/trail guides. These are an essential resource for me - both when I go camping with my family/friends - and to provide to the youth when they're doing their planning. I'll typically bookmark some suggestions, but then let them look through and find things they like.

A few non-essentials to add (they're not essential, but definitely worth a read):
- AMC Guide to Outdoor Leadership
- AMC Guide to Winter Camping (if you go winter camping at all)

Tory said...

You may want to add:
Patrol Leader Handbook
Senior Patrol Leader Handbook
Boy Scout Troop Leadership Training Book (new)
Insignia Guide
Boy Scout Field Book
Merit Badge pamphlets for orienteering, pioneering, first aid or any others that contain useful reference material for those early ranks or activities you're likely to do.
Field guides to local plants and animals
It might also be good to include books with campfire stories, scoutmasters minutes, and other fun stuff to share with the boys.

Anonymous said...

If you can find it, get "Once a Scout" by Bill Young. If you ever get down about the calling, pick it up and start reading to recapture the spirit of adventure.