Thursday, February 16, 2012


When I was in the USAF, knowing the strategic and tactical objectives made my day-to-day job more meaningful - I knew that what I was doing had relevance to the big picture, and those long nights in Kyrgyzstan were more tolerable. I think that if boys, but especially adult leaders, understand the objectives (BSA Aims and AP Purposes), then the techniques (Methods/DtG/FiG) will blend together in such a seamless way that we'll see what Elder Holland describes: Scouting as Priesthood in action; two arms of the same body.
“When I was a deacon, it didn’t matter if we were working on merit badges, doing a service project, or collecting fast offerings, it was all priesthood. It is with this vision that we need to utilize Scouting and the priesthood to help our young men reach their potential by learning NOW to do hard things!”
- Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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