Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Online Tour Plan

I learned at Roundtable last week that BSA, at the National level, is moving to an online Tour Plan format. This new tool will be live on May 1, so to help us out, they've provided a FAQ and orientation video (13 mins). It does a good job of showcasing how easy they've made the process, and of the safeguards that are in place.   

The new format means there's no longer any need to go to the Scout Office for their stamp of approval for Scout Camp, or Varsity/Venture High Adventure camps. It also remembers things like auto insurance information and contact info, so you don't have to track it all down each time you create one.

You can find the policy on whether you need a Tour Plan here. I think it's a good practice to build one for each activity purely from a CYA standpoint.

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