Thursday, April 12, 2012

WB Ticket #3, Diversity

Below is the first slide of a presentation I gave at Roundtable on recognizing and respecting the religious beliefs and traditions of others. The premise is to help LDS Scouters teach boys how to understand and respect, rather than dismiss and denigrate, the deeply-held and cherished traditions of those outside their own faith. (Kind of important, if our goal is to build young men who can touch hearts and minds upon graduating from the program.)  In a way, this is a mea culpa, as I was one of those dismissive individuals; after all, we pray The Right Way, not The Same Way Every Time. I've since learned that, the man who fell among thieves just wanted someone to help him. This is intended for an LDS audience, with a disclaimer and apology up front for anyone in attendance not of that persuasion.

Click the image to see the presentation.
Be sure to read the notes for each slide.
There is also an accompanying Responsive Reading.

This makes me three-for-five for my beads.

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