Monday, May 14, 2012

Three down, two nearly done

One year ago, I completed Wood Badge training, the BSA's premier adult leadership training program.  I have often compared this experience with going through the Missionary Training Center all over again; it was on a similar spiritual plane (some may think that a blasphemous statement). Like the MTC, it's something you have to experience to understand.  It was a privilege to work and learn with so many bishopric and stake presidency members, primary leaders, high councilors and young men presidency members, Scouters all and many reluctantly so, from around the state. (Yes, it was a Utah/LDS course; there was one non-LDS participant in the room.)

As part of that training, I committed to completing five leadership projects aimed at bettering myself as a Scouter and improving the experience for the boys I work with. I have completed three and am very close to wrapping up the last two. See the Ward Scouter Training tab above for summaries of four of the projects.

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