Monday, July 9, 2012

Down time

Last week I took my family camping and hiking up Big Cottonwood Canyon east of Salt Lake City.  After spending the Fourth watching parades, relaxing at the water park, treating my sunburned feet (oops), chowing fried chicken and (safely) lighting off ground-based fireworks in my driveway, we spent the next four days dodging downpours, eating from Dutch ovens and otherwise enjoying the woods.  The kids took a fancy to one corpulent ground squirrel they affectionately named Fatty McSquirrelface (the Diabetic).  We were also fortunate enough to have good friends with us, Nick el Cartoonista and his family.  No work, no Church, no Scouts for five glorious days - I even turned off my phone the whole time.

1 comment:

Brian Reyman said...

Very nice! Quality family time is definitely essential - good for you.
Note: "Fatty McSquirrelface (The Diabetic)" HILARIOUS