Monday, August 6, 2012

Doing what Scouts Do

This has been one of the most important things I have read about guiding boys on the Scouting trail (to include Varsity, Venturing, & DtG):

Scoutmaster CG - Stop doing Rank Requirements.

Scout Camp is a really good example: requirements and merit badges follow as a result of doing fun stuff, as opposed to sitting in "Scout School."  What Clarke Green says could also go a long way toward recapturing the interest of those older boys who "don't do Scouting anymore."

Another thing said on this site is that the job description of a Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Scribe, Historian, or any of the boy leaders is simply to lead, train and inspire others to become First Class Scouts (ppt file).  Coupled to an Aaronic Priesthood context, I think it gives a good direction for a young AP quorum presidency:  lead, train and inspire the quorum in being worthy and active AP-bearers.  In this way, the "priesthood arm" and the "activity arm" reinforce each other and support each boy equally while preparing them for the grown-up world of MP service and responsibility.

I think these two concepts can free the adults up to focus on simply training the leaders to teach their peers. Thanks, Fishgutts, for the reminder.

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