Friday, September 28, 2012

And now for something completely different

Recently, a new family moved into my ward. Not so exceptional an event, as we get a list of new folks every week. It's not even unique that this family is not LDS. What is unique is that this family has a son who will soon turn eleven, and who wants to be involved in Scouting. The boy's mother has stated that she's hesitant about Church being pushed at them, but that he wants to be involved in a Troop. So now I get to (not have to, GET TO!) present Scouting as it's intended, without all the well-intentioned but ultimately misplaced "this-is-a-church-meeting" stuff we see so often. No, I'll simply show that the built-in spiritual component to Scouting is just as valid as any heavy-handed DTG-heavy program, if not more so. It will put the lie to the misconception that Scouting's only value lies in priesthood/mission preparation. The choice to me is simple:  either present this young man with the program he expects - Scouting uncorrupted - or chase him away with a Scouting-as-a-backdoor-to-the-font. Which I will not do.

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