Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Journey to Excellence, correleated to the AP Purposes

At Roundtable last week, we discussed the 2013 Journey to Excellence scorecard.   I've been wondering how to incorporate this into my ward's Troop (and Pack, Team and Crew) program for a while now, even discussing it in my now long-forgotten Ward Scouter Training lessons.  I think I figured out how to rouse some excitement for using this performance measurement tool amongst ward leadership:  by correlating JTE objectives with AP Purposes, it underscores the "Scouting is Aaronic Priesthood in action" and "Scouting is the Aaronic Priesthood laboratory" concepts.

Tying each objective to one or more Purpose can help solidify in the minds of the more spiritually minded (I jest, but only because dedicated Scouters have all "gone rogue"; we just don't see the big picture ;^), that by taking an annual inventory of certain metrics, we can better gauge how effective our efforts are in meeting the needs of our Young Men (and our daughters, too, if we're willing to color outside the lines just a teensy bit).  It is my opinion that the Spirit can work more effectively when we have good information to work from in the first place - something I learned on my mission about studying it out in your mind, I guess.  It's like someone wrote a set of SMART goals for us to measure progress and further challenge ourselves.

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