Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chinese Proverb

I hear, and I forget.
I see, and I remember.
I do, and I understand.
- Confucius

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Evenspor said...

Why does that make me think of EDGE?

Hey Eric, I was wondering if you could help me with something. Our primary president has asked that our Webelos den and 11-year-old patrol hold regular combined activities (I love it when she requests something that we wanted anyway). I am sure there are plenty of overlaps and things they can do together that would benefit both, but both our Webelos leader and 11-year-old leader are new and inexperienced, so they probably could use a little help finding those things.

Do you know of or have any resources that give suggestions for combined Webelos/new patrol activities? I apologize if you've covered this before.


Eric the Half-bee said...

What a great problem to have!

In my case, I developed a system for tracking incoming boys (I'm kind of on my own). I get the birthday list for the next couple of years, just so I know when to expect new boys, and how many to plan on for camps, etc. As for your specific question, as you are probably aware, there are two AoL requirements that refer to den/Troop interaction: attend a troop/patrol meeting, and attend an outdoor-oriented activity. I made a standing invitation to the Webelos leader to drop into any meeting (Courts of Honor are always a good choice) and any of our Saturday outings. All they needed to do was let me know in advance. All the Oath/Law reqs can be reinforced at any time. It's imperative that both leaders know the AOL and Scout Badge Joining reqs, so that their efforts match up.

Also, ensuring a good crossover/transition ceremony goes a long way. In my ward, the Cubmaster hasn't approached me about this for our most recent acquisition. But it's so much better when the transition is recognized vs "I just had another birthday and stopped going to Cub Scouts." With your Primary President as interested as you indicate, maybe she can drive that train and encourage good crossover ceremonies.

And you've reminded me that I need to re-extend that invite to our new Webelos leader.