Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting the new year right with your Scouts' parents

If you were to hold a Parents' meeting, what would you put on the agenda? Here are some of my ideas:
  • Proposed calendar for the year, hopefully prepared and drawn up by the boys
  • Expectations: boys', parents' and leaders'
    • What do you want to get out of it? 
    • No box-checking, focus on accomplishments
    • Emphasis on character building
    • Talk of aims, mission, vision, methods, especially ideals, patrols, outdoors, youth leadership
    • Accountability of boys - wear uniform, bring book, know reqs, know your own progress
  • Rules, especially those that have been "false-traditionally" ignored and/or misinterpreted: Green book (this is especially touchy within the LDS EYOS construct vis-à-vis camping)
  • Budget - what's covered, and what's NOT covered/outside the budget - not that we can't do that, but know that it will require personal investment (as it should be)
  • Outdoors-intensive program
  • Comprehensive, holistic youth development program, not a line on a résumé
  • Plenty of inspirational quotations from RBP, GAs, etc.
  • Parental involvement expectations
  • Questions you may have
  • "Refreshments"
What would you talk about?

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Brian Reyman said...

That's a good list. We hold an annual parents' meeting and rotate through similar topics. We always hold a discussion about the calendar and also include things like: using scouting to build character, importance of integrating Scouting and DTG into every-day life, importance of having parents get involved in their son's lives (coming on campouts, etc, etc.).

The toughest part about these is that the ones that need to hear it the most tend to be the ones that won't show up for it.

Fishgutts said...

We can't get our parents to these meetings.