Friday, March 22, 2013

Nephi’s Courage

It has been said that sport doesn’t’ build character, it reveals it. If that is true, then it must be built somewhere. Nephi’s courage was forged in the crucible of the desert. Moses wasn’t sent to baseball camp, he was sent to the Wilderness of Sin. No baseball camp, football camp, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, band camp or water polo week can teach a Youth how to exercise Priesthood keys and fulfill responsibilities, accountability to others, service-mindedness, or provide the character-building moments the way an inspired outdoor Scouting program can.*

It is built one boy, one experience at a time. Going out into the wild, experiencing the Creation as Nephi may have, will go a long way to turning a boy’s mind to higher things. Nephi overcame much on his journey across the desert; a boy must overcome much on a 50-miler. Nephi had to cook his own food, confront difficult companions, backtrack a few times and more. Moses had to find his way in an unfamiliar land, persuasively communicate to and lead a reluctant troop of people to a place they didn’t want to go.

Our boys may not be asked to journey across an uncharted wasteland, or lead the faithful to a new land.  Nor were they even asked if they wanted to make the journey in the first place. But hard things will be asked of them. Harder even than going to practice every day and nursing their injuries.  Harder things even than completing 21 merit badges of various topics. Harder even than carrying everything they need on their backs. Harder even than running a meeting. Doing the hard things now will make the harder things to come more manageable. That’s what we are trying to prepare them for.

Prepared. | For Life.™

*Unless said coach is also a Scouter in his "spare" time.

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