Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Do you think anyone will notice if I don't wear my uniform tonight? No one else wears one...

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Brian Reyman said...


I hear ya. Funny thing is, I actually like wearing the uniform. I also like wearing my suit on Sundays. It makes it an easy call on mutual nights. I'm always wearing my scout shirt, green pants and belt with buckle! What other time do you get to have so much fun getting dressed?

Tory said...

About five years ago I attended a court of honor in our ward. I had just been called as a Venturing advisor and I was the new guy. When I got there, only one boy had on a scout shirt. He looked around and saw that none of the other boys were wearing one and took his off so he would fit in.

Later on, I had one boy who started wearing a uniform because he wanted one that was "all decked out" like mine.

They notice.