Monday, April 22, 2013

General Authority Speaks on Caring for the Earth

Thought I'd post this for Earth Day. The Outdoor Code isn't just something to be recited in a meeting and forgotten in the field. We've been given stewardship over our little "blue marble" and that ought to mean something to us beyond trite political one-liners (red or blue). The link below is to a transcript of a talk that Elder Marcus B. Nash (First Quorum of Seventy) presented at the Wallace Stegner Center's annual symposium.  This year's theme was “Religion, Faith, and the Environment.”  Here's a paraphrased snippet:
It is indisputable that we depend on the earth, and that our quality of life will depend on the quality of the environment. This truth is too often ignored, unappreciated, and seen as too costly. If we understand who we are and the purpose of creation, our conduct will rise to a higher, nobler level.
Elder Nash presents a convincing scripture-based rationale for good ecological practice (and one that probably won't go over too well in predominantly Mormon/Red-state areas).  Read or watch the whole talk entitled, Ecological Protection, Environmental Degradation—Perspectives of Faith.

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