Saturday, May 4, 2013

First Aid and CPR

There was a handout at this week's roundtable for CPR, First Aid and Wilderness First Aid certifications, from a certified EMT.

First Aid/CPR are required of at least one adult on BSA outings (highly recommended even for those "it's-just-a-church-activity" outings as well, especially considering the kind of personal liability you open yourself up to); Wilderness first aid is required for all back-country trips.  When filling out a tour plan, you'll need to verify that you have training appropriate to the activity.

If you're unfamiliar with the tour plan, go to and scroll down to the Safety section.  There  you'll find everything the Church expects us to know and do when facilitating the youth planning their activities, and mitigating risk. (Additionally still on the page, and under the Training heading, click the "BSA Training" link for access to Safe Swim, Safety afloat, hazardous weather, etc.)  You don't have to file a tour plan for every outing, but preparing one for each is a good way to CYA.

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