Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cast Iron Chef

I had an idea at Roundtable tonight for a Stake YM inter-quorum/inter-Scout-group competition: Cast Iron Chef - a Dutch Oven Cook-off.

Basically, each group would have an oven, some ingredients and a time limit. You'd have Ventures compete against Ventures, Varsity against Varsity and so on. The 11YOS could be included with the Troop, or work on their own. Everyone would necessarily need to take a couple of Wednesday nights to bone up on Dutch oven cooking. The only grounds for disqualification would be adult leaders stepping in and interfering with the youth. It would end with dinner - whatever they cooked - and a reflection that could be steered toward discussing communication, teamwork, goals, and more (like say, using unfamiliar ingredients to make something edible, like you'd do on a mission).

The idea is to reinforce the idea of competent cooks, not necessarily great food.

UPDATE: Go ahead and steal this idea. Please.

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