Thursday, August 29, 2013

STEM education and Scouting

For parents of all Scouts*

With school just starting out for the year, here's something to think about: 

Most of us probably don't think of Scouting at the same time we think of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, let alone education in general, but a study published in 2009 by Ohio State University researcher Rachel Sterneman Hintz found that 103 of 121 (now 114 of 133) Merit Badges had at least one requirement meeting the National Science Education Standards.  In a world where US students lag behind their counterparts from other countries in STEM fields, and are less prepared for college-level work than ever, Scouting can be a part of the solution.  This brochure effectively makes the case that Scouting IS relevant to today's youth as part of a whole-person development strategy, and not just until a certain badge gets awarded, or a particular birthday is reached. Scouting can help mold tomorrow's leaders as it has done for over a century. Who will be tomorrow's Neil Armstrong? Jim Lovell? Steven Speilberg? Philo Farnsworth?** It could be the deacon, teacher or priest you see each Sunday, or at your dinner table every day.

So, the next time he says he's bored, send him here to pick something to do.

*Scouts is shorthand for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturers (i.e., primary, deacons, teachers and priests).
**Eagle Scouts, all.
Disclaimer - the attachment is a brochure from the BSA foundation outlining projects it is trying to fund, to help Scouting and youth organizations across the country with STEM programs. But as stated, it make an excellent case for Scouting as STEM education.

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