Monday, August 19, 2013

Training audit

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I had a conversation about personnel issues with a member of the bishopric the other day, and it occurred to me that since we have a clean slate, both with a new bishopric and quite a bit of turnover in the Scouter ranks, it's a good time to see who has been through what training, and whose training has lapsed.  I suggested a training audit to verify that everyone is current and complete for their respective positions. An audit can also serve to educate folks on what's available, what's required for which activities, and for which positions.

So here is a spreadsheet I put together to check the training status of a ward's Scouters. Feel free to use it, critique it, modify it, tear it apart or beat yourself over the head with it when you find out how far out of compliance you've become.

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Allen said...

I would probably include a place for the individual's BSA number. That way (if the BSA verification system is working), you can update the records by quickly pulling up all the training that everyone involved in the program has done, without trying to track the individual down to convince them to print up a summary. Obtaining the number also ensures that they are actually registered with BSA.

Eric the Half-bee said...

Great point (with a great "if" caveat). I've made the change.