Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Boys' Life Magazine

I don't know if you know about this resource, but BSA publishes a monthly magazine for Scouts of all ages, called Boys' Life.  Each month, it features stories about the exciting things that Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturers are doing across the country, like canoeing across Minnesota's 10,000 lakes, restoring wetlands, or exploring Idaho's Hell's Canyon.  Often, there is an article about a former Scout who made good, like Blue Angels pilots, or even more well-known role models.  It also has instructional pieces, on how to carve a neckerchief slide or other Scoutcraft, fishing techniques, camping/backpacking tips and so forth. There is also a section called "True Stories of Scouts in Action" which tells about Scouts who, because of their Scout training were able to step up and help when it counted. Finally, there's a silly section of reader-submitted jokes. (These are some of the stories I remember from when I was a Scout, and my ward provided every registered boy, from 8-18, with an annual subscription.)

The Youth Application explains Boys' Life to boys in this manner:
"Boys' Life is the monthly magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. It will help in your Scouting program and stimulate your interest in good reading. The subscription is only $12 a year (half the new regular rate of $24 a year). Just fill in the Boys' Life circle on the application. Please calculate and remit the appropriate state and local taxes. On late registrations it may be necessary to deliver back issues. Boys' Life will not begin for at least two months after you register."
I think that if each boy has a subscription to this magazine, it will help inspire him by showcasing Scouting's possibilities, and he may ask, "well, why can't we ______, like they did?" It will show him the great things and adventures other young men just like him, his own age, are planning and carrying out.

A subscription to Boys' Life costs $12.00/year, which is only slightly more than a subscription to Ensign or New Era magazines.  And just like ChurchMags, Boys' Life has an online edition.  As Rechartering time comes up, ask about how to subscribe.  You can also subscribe through your local Scout Office.

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