Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happens every time.

Every Wednesday after Patrol Meeting is over, I get a bit despondent; I get to feeling "WTH am I doing all this for, anyway?". We have a going-through-the-motions tradition of Scouting around here, but there are no real expectations for the program at any meaningful level of leadership. Except for some parents, I've never received feedback of any kind. Never from the Primary presidency whom I ostensibly answer to, never from the Bishopric. [Exclamatory word deleted], not even from the Scouts who aged out of the 11YO group. Does that mean keep doing what I'm doing, keep pushing harder to pull things in line with the way Dr. Harris describes them? Throttle back and just let things slide, pencil-whipping badges? All for what? The Activity Arm for Young Men around here is so badly atrophied as to be completely useless. I'd say put it in a sling so it can get SOME support, but no-one remembers their First Aid well enough to make one.

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Fishgutts said...

Time for a sit down with the Bishop and Primary President at the same time? Don't give up!

Tory said...

Just curious but have you ever asked, specifically, for feedback from anyone? In general, I don't expect most people to offer anything unless it is to complain.

I think our leaders need to get in the habit of holding regular interviews (PPI style) with those they supervise--at all levels of the church. I am learning the value of that by having regular interviews with my stake president. Perhaps when you talk to the primary president you could request that.

mormonhermitmom said...

Sounds like you're starting to experience some burn-out, which is hard not to do when you don't have the support you feel you need. Maybe a change in direction for a while to shake things up?