Saturday, September 28, 2013

Run, boy! Run!

View of Deseret Peak, Stansbury Mts,
from the Deseret Peak Sports Complex,
Tooele, UT.
I just got back from the annual Great Salt Lake Council Jamboral. This year's theme was 100 Years of the Scouting in the LDS Church.  There was memorabilia from long ago: handbooks, patches, photographs, and uniforms to look at and admire. Aren't you glad wool isn't the standard uniform anymore?  One image showed two Scouts with wicker baskets on their backs, and a rifle in their hands. Gear sure has changed in a hundred years!

One of the available activities was earning the Thomas S. Monson award. We had a pair of Varsity Scouts from the ward join the Troop, and one of them (the one whom you would least expect it from) surprised me by earning this!  One of the highlights was an address by Elder Beck, LDS Young Men General President. But, our boys were slow to rise and eat, so we missed it. I don't think they even know that it happened.

Since none of my 11YOScouts were there (one of their dads described himself as a "fair-weather camper" and we'd had some good, stormy fall weather that day, which continued throughout the night), I went around the complex with my son and we looked at all the booths, activities and such. We both went to the Monson award booth and finished it. One of the requirements is to read (watch) then-Apostle Monson's 1982 General Conference talk entitled, "Run, boy! Run!" and discuss it, which I'd like to do here.

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What really impressed me about this experience is the transcendent nature of Scouting. One German soldier disobeyed orders to help a fellow Scout from another country, an enemy. In all likelihood, that unknown man may later have lost his own life, executed for his act of mercy; we'll never know. Scouting is real preparation for the realities of life. It instills within those it reaches a desire to be better. But that presupposes that we who guide these young men and women understand Scouting's aims, and that we strive to embody the ideals.  If it's just a camp-out club, or a merit badge mill, or a half-hearted effort done only 'because Salt Lake says to do it,' it will never have the power to build the kind of character shown by Dimitrious's savior.

Just some of the thousands of Scouts of all ages in attendance - Antelope Island in the distance.

Afterward, B and I found the orienteering booth, run by one of my Antelope Patrol buddies and his wife. Less of an orienteering/compass course, it was a navigation test, to see how fast you could get from point to point. We did the 3.7 km in a little under an hour, because I'm not in very good shape. But we did run!

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mormonhermitmom said...

Good for you guys! We live in the area but NONE of the boys in our troop wanted to go. I asked our Cub Scout parents if they were interested in sending their Cubs... no takers.