Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Meeting follow-up.

Yesterday I posted about a training event taking place.  It was one of two GSLC LDS/BSA Relationships Conferences that took place this year.  I didn't hear about the first one.

It was a nice meeting.  There were plenty of bead-wearers in the audience, a lot of suits (I assume for those who don't have/do uniforms), and others were dressed come-as-you-are.  Speakers included the Council President and Key 3, Elder David L. Beck (YM General President), Sister Jean A. Stevens (General Primary 1C) and Elder Warren G. Tate (Area Auth 70 and Council Liaison, as I understood his role).  Elder Beck and Sister Stevens were leading by example, wearing the "dress" uniform. A local Troop's SPL led the Oath and Law.

It's late, and I really can't convey everything that was discussed and do it justice, but it really was a good conference, and each speaker did a fantastic job selling Scouting as a valuable tool in its own right. They may have even persuaded some in the audience who just don't "do" Scouting.  I hadn't been in that kind of spiritual Scouting setting since Wood Badge.  It was great.  Rather than try to summarize the meeting, though, I'm posting my transcribed notes and a handout.  I had thought I'd just scan my notes, but what's the point of that, if you can't read my chicken-scratch?

UPDATE (the following morning after thinking more clearly on the bus in to work): Afterward, I was discussing the meeting with my wife, and she rightly said that each program the Church provides has the potential to affect great change. The difference, I think, is that no other Church program can bring to bear the resources that BSA provides: youth leadership training curriculum, adult leadership training curriculum, advancement and outdoor programs that meet a boy on his own terms, facilities, events and opportunities, youth development experts, a cadre of experienced leaders and volunteers, spokesmen like Mike Rowe, and so much more - it all adds up to an unparalleled program that by design leads young men and women to do their duty to God.

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Fishgutts said...

Brad Harris continues to preach the same great things - get them out of the house and make them work. These are probably two of my favorite.