Thursday, October 24, 2013

The difference between Girl and Boy Scouts

Tonight I went to my youngest son's first Pack meeting where he was awarded his Bobcat badge.  There was a special Arrow of Light ceremony, too, with a special presenter.  Before he began though, he did a little uniform lesson.  First, he told everyscout to touch the top button of their shirt, and make sure it was unbuttoned.  Then, he said that there are two differences between Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, and asked if the Cubs knew what they were.  They got the first one right away: Girl Scouts sell cookies (he supplied the second part: Boy Scouts sell popcorn).  The second they needed a little help with: Girl Scouts wear their shirts untucked; Boy Scouts tuck their shirts in. So, if you want to be a Girl Scout, leave it out. If you want to be a Boy Scout, tuck it in.  Genius. Instead of telling everyone to tuck in their uniforms and getting the same, "awwwwdowehaffta?," they got to choose to do it right, and have a good laugh about doing what they always refuse to do.

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Fishgutts said... Here is a simple way to make sure boys tuck in their shirts!!!

Tory said...

Now there's an explanation that might actually work!