Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Leadership training courses. You know, for kids.

Wouldn't it be awesome if BSA offered some kind of youth leadership course, kind of like Wood Badge training, but for kids? Just think of what they could learn, and how effective they could be in leading their troops, teams, crews and quorums! I wish someone would do something like that.

<sarcasm off> Here are a few of the [under-utilized] courses available to Youth leaders:

This is just a quick-and-dirty, not definitive, list, even for the options listed above.  Each council provides these and more opportunities, so go to roundtable, find out what's on offer, and get your youth leaders schooled in how to lead!

Here's a quick overview of the On Belay course:

Whole list of youth training options

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Evenspor said...

It's taken me two days to remember the movie quote. Hudsucker Proxy, right?

Eric the Half-bee said...

You got it