Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finally, some good news

There's been plenty of self-inflicted bad publicity in the BSA recently, so here's something good and more representative of what we're really all about.

Vandalized arch receives much-needed makeover from Boy Scouts

Unlike some other (former) Scouters, they got advise and permission from authorities before fixing the problem.   Way to represent, Gentlemen!

In the same vein, National Park officials in Zion NP worked to fix a damaged rock recently.  I remember seeing this rock when I was there last June with my family. It's on the Canyon Overlook trail, and readily observed, once you've taken in the grandeur of Zion Canyon. My 10YO daughter took the below photo of it, and I posted it on Facebook with the following caption (Posted during the gvt shutdown, when the parks were closed to the public):

"In case you were wondering why we need park rangers in the first place, here's some cumulative damage done in Zion NP. My 10yo daughter took this picture and wrote this caption beneath it: "Stupid people wrote on this rock and I don't like that." Imagine what "stupid people" would do if there were no ranger presence at all. (There would be a whole lot more gorings in Yellowstone, for one thing.)"
She recently revised her caption to simply :(.  She's wise beyond her years.

The fix consisted of chipping away the defaced sandstone until a relatively pristine, somewhat natural - even if unweathered - look was achieved.  See the results on the Park's Facebook page.

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