Sunday, November 17, 2013

The importance of work

Godspeed on the James River.
She is  one of three (very small) ships
to carry the first English colonists
to Virginia in 1607. 52 souls crammed
aboard her to make the four-month,
one-way voyage. 
©2012 Eric Larson
Today's talks in Sacrament meeting reminded me of a magnet my wife and I picked up on a day trip during a business conference at Williamsburg, VA last year (we collect magnets of the places we visit).  The topic was work.  The magnet was a quote:
"He that will not worke,
shall not eate."
- Captain John Smith,
Jamestown Colony, 1608
Stick that on your Troop chuck box!

Speaking of work, my work with the Scouts, as I know it, has come to an end.  I was released today as an assistant Scoutmaster.  It's been a fun ride, and I have learned so much, especially from the online Scouting community. A big thank you goes out to all of you whom it has been my pleasure to get to know over the last three years. An especially big thank you goes out to the boys whom I have had the honor of getting to know and to serve as they begin life's journey, a journey which has but one finish line, and it's not marked by a patch.  Live it on your honor.

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