Thursday, May 15, 2014

Recognize, Resist, Report

Two Cub Scouts from Ogden, UT used their Scouting training to stay safe. While waiting for a ride home, they were approached by someone who claimed to be sent to pick them up. They Recognized several warning signs, Resisted the invitation, and Reported what had happened to the proper authorities. They utilized their Scouting training (buddy system, 3Rs), and the lessons they'd learned at home (password, etc.) to keep themselves safe. Rather than needing an adult to protect them from everything, they demonstrated that they can protect themselves. Since we can't child-proof the world, we world-proof our kids. These two show that it can be done. Way to go, boys!

(As far as "WHERE WAS THEIR LEADER?" goes, probably inside cleaning up after the event. Someone has to put up the chairs.)

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