Thursday, June 5, 2014

Urban birding

The other morning on the bus ride into downtown SLC, I looked out the window toward the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and saw a bird perched on the northeast corner of the building, 10 storeys up. I had known that there was a breeding pair of peregrine falcons somewhere in the area, but I'd never really known where to look. Turns out their nest is on that corner of the JSMB, with a couple of nest cams for ground-based mammals to watch the goings-on. This year, there are three surviving chicks flopping around the nest. 

Today for lunch, I decided to go see what was going on at the nest, now that I've ID'd the site, and I spent a pleasant 15 minutes on the Church Office Building grounds watching one of the adults.  (When I'm reincarnated, I want to be a raven, btw.)  Here's the Scouting connection:  most cities have lots of wildlife if you know where to look. While watching the falcon, I also saw quail, starling, and sparrows.  Whether Cub Scouts, New (11YO) Scouts, Environmental Science MB pursuers, or whathaveyou, your city or town probably has plenty of opportunity to observe wildlife in its [urban-adapted] habitat. Even if you're miles from open country, you can find birds, and sometimes more, even raccoons, skunks, insects, maybe even deer.  A little creativity and there you go!

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