Monday, December 1, 2014

Costumes and Uniforms

Grump Post.  You've been warned.

The other day, I was leaving a parking lot, and noticed (again) a store that specializes in LDS-specific garb. In particular, they sell upscale white dresses (defeating the whole 'everyone is the same in the temple' idea, but that's a different rant about commercial priestcraft).  They also sell "Trek Costumes," I'm guessing at a large profit margin.

Now, I never did a Trek when I was a kid, I don't even think it was a thing back then. I did spend plenty of time backpacking in the Wind River and Bear River Mountains, and biking through Zion NP.  Today, however, they'll spend three years planning this one event, and everyone is supposed to play along with the script and choreography and the playing dress-up and playing pretend, in order that everyone have an approved and correlated Great Experience.  (If the idea is to call to mind the misery of the trail, its unforgiving nature and the consequences of bad decisions, everyone should be barefoot, or at least have bloody rags for footwear, and we should definitely talk about the Donner-Reed Party, and the Trail of Tears, but that's another 'nother rant.)  Here's the actual rant: If the Youth are expected to wear Trek Costumes in order to participate, then by the same token, why aren't they (the YM, in particular) expected to wear their Scout/Venturing uniforms to participate in weeknight activities?

FYI if they ever ask me to be a 'Pa,' I'll be reading to them from my grandfather's 1847 trail journal, and let the kids know what really happened, versus the sanitized, romanticized and sentimental official version.  Yes, they did "roll" on Sundays.  No, they did not get along nicely with each other for the duration.  That's because they were actual people, not parade floats.  OK, I'm done.

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