Thursday, August 20, 2015

Three Membership Policy thoughts

I was discussing the recent brou-ha-ha over Scouting with my boss, a repeat Wood Badge staffer, and decided to finally register some of my thoughts on the matter. He and I are pretty much in agreement.

First of all, I do not have a problem with the recent membership policy changes. That said, here are three distinct, vaguely related ideas.

1. People who want to pull out of Scouting because of the membership policy haven’t a leg to stand on, when you consider that they sign their kids up for football camp, basketball camp, baseball camp, cooking camp, drama camp, band camp, lacrosse camp, swimming camp, art camp and ukulele camp. None of those worthwhile activities have restrictive membership policies of the kind BSA recently disavowed, and everyone seems to be fine with that.

2. Whatever program we wind up with, the same people will be running it as are running the current one. The same Leaders who refuse to go to training and learn how to ensure their Scouting program "is properly carried out" now aren’t going to suddenly jump up and go to training meetings for whatever lackluster replacement many are hoping for.

3. One of the loudest arguments I hear against Scouting in the Church is the huge disparity between the boys’ and girls’ experiences (see Robert Kirby's column on the matter, but remember he’s a satirist). I am sympathetic to this argument, as past posts will attest - I want my daughters to have the same breadth of opportunities as my sons. The solution though is not to curtail the boys’ program, but to enhance the girls’; give them the same resources, latitude and freedom to operate that the boys enjoy. From ages 8-18.

[Addendum, 8/24, Kirby nails it again.]

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Evenspor said...

Once again, you've nailed it. I get tired of the question, "If the Church leaves Scouting, will your family stay involved?" because the sarcastic part of me wants to reply, "When the Church stopped chartering soccer leagues and 4H did your family stop being involved? Oh wait..."