Sunday, November 8, 2015

Scouts and Politics

There is a kerfuffle in my city. A land developer wants to trade some acreage he owns for some USFS acreage adjacent to the city limits. Take a look at this news story for the details. There is a strong effort opposing this land swap deal, of which I am a part. However, Scouting came up in the context of their participation in a "Save the Mountain Day." Below is the post on Facebook, and my response. Tell me, was I too harsh or curt?  It just bothers me to see Scouts used as someone's prop, whether Mitt Romney or SLC PRIDE.

Here are the links from the screen capture:
UPDATE: Of course, one of the most important things I learned as a Scouter is that there's nothing you can do about parents with an agenda.  You can quote chapter and verse all day long, and they still make Scouting in their own image.  Which is of course, what happened here.  Someone rationalized that this doesn't really apply, because 'I really don't want it to.'  And the rest jumped on that.  It's sad, really, that we say we want to raise boys of integrity, until the rules are just too danged inconvenient.

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