Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Reqs, New Tools

I've updated some of my planning tools with the 2016 requirements. These are designed for Leaders of 11YO Scouts, but hopefully are useful to anybody. 
These are MS Excel spreadsheets, so the advancement tracker contains formatting, formulas and pivot tables. I have provided instructions on how to configure the pivot tables to generate individualized reports.  The Program Plan is basically something I found, modified, and improved to suit my own way of working, including sheets for lesson ideas in each skill area. The six-month version is something I wanted to do a while ago, but never got around to until now. It hasn't been tested yet, so caveat emptor.

I wrote the following into the draft six-month plan:  'think of the requirements as a lesson plan outline, so you're teaching skills, not "doing requirements"...Skills are what the boys learn, requirements are how they demonstrate that learning.'

If anyone winds up using these, let me know how useful you found them, and what modifications you made to make them better.

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