Monday, April 25, 2016

Stewardship for the Earth

With Earth Day just past, I wanted to share this video from two years ago on the Mormon Channel, along with this link of statements from prophets and apostles, both ancient and modern, that discuss what our relationship and attitudes toward the Earth ought to be. I'm hardly a 'greenie-weenie,' nor am I a 'raw-steak-eatin', crude-oil-drinkin' dude (though I do work in the energy industry), but I think mankind's historically cavalier attitude toward the environment reflects a certain degree of pride, and of devaluing the Creator, and it's something I'm trying to repent of.

I recently gave a talk in my ward's Sacrament meeting about the Creation. I may have drifted too far into the concept of environmental stewardship for some congregants' comfort, but judging from the statements in the above link, I feel I was in good company. When we take our Scouts outside, even if it's "just an AP activity, not Scouts" (actually, all the Youth, Young Women included), teach them that reverence and appreciation for the creation reflects reverence for the Creator.

For more information, here are a few more resources from Mormon Newsroom.

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Pale-winged Trumpeter said...

How is it that you got asked to talk in Sacrament about Environmental Stewardship? I don't think my leadership would even let me approach that soapbox!

Eric the Half-bee said...

Actually, the topic was a conference talk by Elder Nelson back in 2000, "The Creation." I'm sure the timing (right after Earth Day) was coincidental. I hadn't intended a soapbox, it just kind of developed from the assigned topic as I began researching it - all the pieces just presented themselves. Hopefully, I was outspoken enough that they'll wait 27 years before asking me to the podium again.