Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Keeping public lands public

I've never done this on the blog before, and probably won't again, but I'm going to go a little political today.  I don't know how many people are still reading here, but this is a very important issue.  The following is only my opinion, and is not to be construed as the position of either the BSA or LDS Church.

There is a movement in the western US for the States to take control of and to manage federal public lands.  I live in Utah, where more than 50% of the land area is federally owned.  It should stay that way.  We have a special birthright in the West, in that We the People are owners of so many natural resources, from mountain streams to vast deserts, and everything in between.  My fear is that under the States' management, public access to these lands (not to mention conservation efforts) will cease to exist in favor of maximizing profitability.

Scouts depend on access to public lands for thousands, if not millions of meaningful experiences each year.

We owe it to our children, and our great-great-great grandchildren to leave these lands better than we found them, to "leave only footprints, take only photographs."  I feel that this is best achieved under federal management.  Please watch the short video below, visit Sportsmen's Access, and read up on this pressing issue. Several states, mine included, are on what I feel is a Quixotic quest to take over these lands, not for our benefit, but for their donors'.  Please visit the link above, and sign the petition to let your elected officials know that you value the multiple use model of federal land management, and that you want public lands to remain public.

After the video, I've added some images I made in #publiclands, as examples of what we stand to lose if short-sighted politicians have their way.

To be clear, this is more about mountains, range-lands, deserts, forests and other wide open spaces, than it is about national parks, monuments, historical sites or other specially designated, protected areas.  (And full disclosure, I make my living in the Evil Energy Industry™.)

Notch Peak and boulders
Notch Peak, Millard County, UT - BLM

Notch Peak from the northwest
Notch Peak, Millard County, UT - BLM

Blind Valley, Ibex climbing area
Ibex climbing area, Millard County, UT - BLM

Mirror Lake in Utah's Uinta Mountains
Mirror Lake and Bald Mtountain, Uinta Mtns, Wasatch Nat'l Forest, UT - USFS

Cactus ball
Cactus Ball, Pike Nat'l Forest, CO - USFS

Wild Rose
Wild Rose, Wasatch Nat'l Forest, UT - USFS

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Monday, June 27, 2016


Teamwork makes hard things look easy. And awesome.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
Practice makes permanent.

Breitling Jet Team at Hill AFB, UT, 6.25.2016
click to biggify.
(Really, I just needed an excuse to post this photo here.)

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

A modern application of lashings

Not just something your ancestors did, that "pointless skill" is still used today to create a gleaming future.

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Monday, June 20, 2016


“The stubborn critic would say: ‘What is the benefit of these sciences?’ He does not know the virtue that distinguishes mankind from all the animals: it is knowledge, in general, which is pursued solely by man, and which is pursued for the sake of knowledge itself, because its acquisition is truly delightful, and is unlike the pleasures desirable from other pursuits. For the good cannot be brought forth, and evil cannot be avoided, except by knowledge. What benefit then is more vivid? What use is more abundant?”

--Abu Rayhan al-Biruni (AD 973-1048)

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