Thursday, September 14, 2017

Answers to questions - the new Teacher/Priest program

From my inbox. The second link addresses the questions of leadership positions for older YM pursuing Eagle, continued High Adventure activities, liability and injury insurance and more.  Again, new program, same as the old program, without any of its resources. Waiting for a revised 'Green Book' reflecting these changes.
The new teacher and priest activities, announced by the First Presidency on May 1‌1, 2017, provide an opportunity to help young men become more deeply converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are gratified by the wonderful response to this change, and we encourage you to continue to read and implement the activity principles and guidelines.

To answer your questions, we have prepared a document titled "Implementing the New Teacher and Priest Activities." This document responds to questions raised as we have talked with many adult leaders since the announcement was made.

We also invite you to understand and apply the following three principles:
We are confident that the young men you serve will be blessed as you counsel together and follow the principles and guidelines outlined at

Thank you for your faithful service,

The General Young Men Presidency

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