Thursday, November 2, 2017

So, I'm sitting on the bus going home from work last night, when my text message notification dings.

Dutifully, I read the Patrol-meeting related message, but it wasn't from the Scoutmaster.  It was a mass-text from a mom, intended for the Scoutmaster but asking anyone and everyone: Do the Scouts need their Scout Books at Scout Meeting tonight? To which the only reasonable answer is "Be Prepared." But I stayed my thumbs, as that isn't a good enough answer for attack helicopter moms. Nor is suggesting that the Scout be responsible for his own Scouting.

It then took a turn for the worse when she asked about which merit badges were on the schedule for the next several months, "so he doesn't do double work," and stated that the JR High PE coach conveniently "passes" all the boys on the Personal Fitness MB. Since my older son had taken his class (PE, not MB), I knew it for what it was, and replied, "Oh yes, the famed Mass-Pass Method of Scouting." (similar to the "ninth method of Scouting.")

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